There is no longer the risk of problems from a bureaucratic point of view

The Role of Home Buying Companies

The real estate agent is always up to date on regulatory changes in the real estate sector and therefore has all the means available to protect both the seller and the buyer from any bureaucratic errors.

Through a preliminary check of all the documents relating to the property for sale, unpleasant surprises that could compromise the success of the sale are avoided upstream. A real estate agency knows how to verify every aspect of the sale in a much shorter time and ensuring compliance with current regulations

How to choose the right real estate agency

But then, how to choose the right real estate agency? First, look for someone who specializes in your area. And if what you are looking for is someone who supports you throughout the sales process, with professionalism and without requiring high costs, Gromia is the agency for you.

This is demonstrated by customer reviews, which gave a rating of 9.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot . As well as the results achieved over the years, with average sales times of 38 days compared to 6-8 months for private sales.

And the commissions? With Gromia you sell your home with a 1.5% commission, always and only after the sale is complete and with an average saving of 67% compared to other agencies.

No more risks and worries! Few offers you all the services you need for the sale of your home in a single and convenient package, thanks to a team made up of marketing experts, professional real estate agents, photographers and home stagers , customer care.

Trust a real estate agent

In the process of buying or selling a house, many things must be taken into account. The advantages of relying on a real estate agency are linked to the competence and reliability of its representatives. Today more and more Italians are turning to real estate agents to buy a house . The real estate agent is the trusted intermediary capable of achieving a real estate sale in the best possible way and in a short time . He is a professional figure who knows his way around, knows the trend of the real estate market and knows how to propose the best solutions based on requests and the available budget.