Things to Consider Before Hiring Moving Companies

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Moving is always a stressful time for anyone, but it can be especially nerve-wracking if you don’t know how to hire a moving company. It really pays to do your homework before you make the decision to call in help; professional movers have all sorts of regulations they have to follow and legal liabilities they need to address before they will move your furniture.

Knowledge is power

You should never trust a moving company just because they offer to move your stuff for a low price. You need to know how much you are really paying for. Insist on getting a written estimate before you are moved and negotiate the final amount with the mover once the job is done.

The importance of safety

Many moving companies will pay lip service to their employees’ safety, but it doesn’t always realty happen. If you are hiring a mover to move your valuables, you should insist on seeing proof that their equipment is up to code.

Quality counts

Many people think that the cheapest moving companies are all the same, but there can be a lot of difference in quality, especially when it comes to how careful movers are with your stuff. You want to make sure they have insurance policies that will cover any damage they might cause.

Check out the company’s reputation while they are still there

A reputable mover will be happy to leave you with a good reference if you ask for it before they pack up and leave. Make sure they provide you with a list of their satisfied customers’ contact information and contact them before you hire.

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Use the services of a licensed mover

To protect you against any loss that might occur during the move, moving companies are legally required to have a license to operate. If there is an accident, the company must be licensed or else it can’t get insurance. Keep this in mind when hiring movers.

Consider hiring a moving company with international experience

If you are going overseas for work or personal reasons, make sure your mover has experience moving people across national borders. This can save you a lot of time and money on customs.

Don’t trust movers who claim to be able to deliver pallets

Some moving companies will claim that they can deliver your furniture to you on a common shipping pallet, but this is not always safe. As long as your mover does not have a truck big enough to handle your stuff and does not have the proper insurance, they should not use the pallet method.