A list of the most valuable Kobe Bryant cards ever sold.

A list of the most valuable Kobe Bryant cards ever sold.

As a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant rookie cards are popular with collectors who retired after 20 years with five NBA championships and 15 NBA All-Stars. Some of the most valuable trading cards ever have been created by PSA, according to their card graders, out of nearly 500 basketball cards he has made. A helicopter crash tragically brought Bryant’s life to an end in 2020. Since then, his cards have skyrocketed in value and collectability.


Kobe Bryant Limited Logos Exquisite Collection


This collection features cards with Jersey patches in the centre (game-worn) and autographs from the athletes. Many cards are rare, so collecting them is a challenge. There was no guarantee you’d get one of these in a pack of 6, but the chance at Kobe Bryant rookie cards are popular with collectors was worth spending $2,000 to try!


Row 1 Kobe Bryant rookie card from the Flair Showcase Legacy Collection


From the year they took off with their Bryant and Jordan cards, this Flair Showcase Legacy Collection Row 1 Kobe Bryant Rookie Card comes from the 1996/1997 season. In the 2014 base set, there were 90 cards divided into three different rows. Row 2 is the most common, while Row 1 and 0 are much rarer. This particular card can be found in Row 1, the Grace set.

Kobe Bryant rookie cards are popular with collectors

 Signatures of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan on UD Trilogy 2


Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan signed the UD Trilogy Trimark’s two cards as part of a limited release of ten cards. Having been marked #01 at the Goldin auction, this example likely increased its allure and led to its final bid of $133,200. Bryant, Lebron James, and Michael Jordan are among the biggest stars in basketball on the cards. All three signatures appear on the card, which Beckett rated a “10” for quality. Because of the off-centre printing of the card, it received a “5.5” overall rating, but the allure of its three icons is still pulled in a bundle.


The gold prism of Kobe Bryant


A Gold Prizm design makes this card unique; #03 was the only one released among these cards. The BGS rated this card a true gem+. Unlike other brands, Panini offers gold and silver Prizm on its parallel cards, which can be identified by the colour of the border around the photo.