Be cautious with foreign objects and internal interactions to protect your ears.

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Most people must realise that such intrusive cleaning is often unnecessary, if not problematic when using cotton swabs to clean their ears. You can easily remove excess ear wax with a damp washcloth with no other tool since your ears are practically self-cleaning, regularly pushing excess ear wax to the outer ear. It would be best to avoid impaction by inserting a cotton swap and twisting it around the ear canal to prevent these problems.

Even though cotton swabs can remove some earwax, they tend to lodge the wax deeper in the canals, leading to obstructions, hearing loss, and infection risks. Contact a doctor or an audiologist if you find earwax building within your ear for safe removal of earwax. If you find earwax in your outer ear, focus on the outer ear with a washcloth damp with warm water. Also, ask your pharmacist about over-the-counter drops that can help the ear expel wax buildup by helping with its natural lubrication process.

In the case of foreign objects, such as cotton swabs or earplugs, people often shove them into their ears. However, if they protrude too far or in the wrong place, they can cause damage to your ears. It is generally recommended that items only sit deeply in the ear if they are smaller than your elbow; ensuring they are not too small means they don’t sit too deep. However, depth is not the only concern.


You may suffer hearing loss if you consistently listen to in-ear headphones at high volume. Stay careful with foreign objects and internal interactions when wearing in-ear headphones. The neglect of decibel ranges in young people can lead to premature hearing loss if they listen to music without much consideration of volume.

When you listen to music at a decibel level of 85 or higher regularly, you may develop hearing problems, including but not limited to tinnitus or noticeable hearing loss. Despite your hearing loss, you are not automatically destined to develop dementia. If you don’t check your hearing or leave your hearing aids in that cute little box, you are not guaranteed to develop dementia.