Important Documents Needed to Sell My House

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Selling a house involves a series of important documents that are crucial to ensure a smooth and legally sound transaction. These documents help establish the ownership, condition, and other relevant details about the property at

Title Deed: This is the most critical document proving ownership of the property. It includes details about the current owner, previous transactions, and any encumbrances on the property at

Property Tax Receipts: Provide copies of property tax receipts to show that all taxes have been paid up to date. This assures the buyer that there are no outstanding tax issues.

Sale Deed: This document is essential for the transfer of property ownership. It is executed between the seller and the buyer and includes details about the sale, the parties involved, and the property.

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Encumbrance Certificate: This certificate verifies that the property is free from any legal dues or monetary liabilities. It is crucial for the buyer to ensure a clear title.

Building Plan Approvals: If there have been any modifications or additions to the property, ensure that the building plans are approved by the local authorities.

Occupancy Certificate: This document is issued by the local municipal authorities and certifies that the construction complies with the approved plan and that the property is suitable for occupancy.

Khata Certificate and Extract: These documents are essential for properties in urban areas and provide details about the property’s assessment for tax purposes.

Latest Utility Bills: Include copies of recent utility bills such as water, electricity, and gas bills to show that all services are up to date.

Society/Community Documents: If the property is part of a housing society or community, provide relevant documents such as the share certificate, NOC (No Objection Certificate), and maintenance payment receipts.

Home Loan Documents: If the property is mortgaged, gather all relevant documents related to the home loan, including the loan agreement, repayment statements, and a letter from the lender confirming the outstanding amount.

PAN Card and Aadhar Card: Provide copies of the seller’s PAN card and Aadhar card, as these are often required for legal and financial transactions.

Power of Attorney: If the property is being sold on behalf of the owner by someone with legal authority, the Power of Attorney document must be included.