Selling a house without a real estate agency: advantages

In recent years, thanks above all to the tools made available by the web, it has become much easier to try to sell your home independently, without relying on the services of a real estate agency.

Naturally, selling a house without a real estate agency requires greater personal commitment, both in terms of energy and time invested.

Nonetheless, by organizing the work well and leaving nothing to chance, it is a possible, profitable undertaking and also a source of personal satisfaction.

Let’s see together what are the advantages and disadvantages of selling a house without an agency

The advantages of selling a house without a real estate agency

The main advantages of selling a house without a real estate agency are:

saving on agency commission expenses

total control of visits

direct contact with potential buyers

exploitation of advertising campaigns of trading platforms

sell the house

Among the numerous advantages of selling a house unaidedly and there is no real estate agent, there is necessarily the preservation on the agency’s committee expenses .

If it is true that the commission is often paid by the buyer and not by the seller, it is also true that the cash that would go to the agent would in any case be deducted from the total budget estimated by the buyer. So, indirectly, it’s cash that would plausible be lessened from the seller’s bottom line.

We remind you that usually the commission requested by a real estate agency varies between 2% and 5% depending on the value of the property and the region to which it belongs, settling on average around 3%. Assuming a commission of 3% on a house worth 300,000 euros, the requirements, for instance, exceed 20,000 euros.

Another important advantage of selling a house without an agency is having total control of visits. For various reasons, in fact, one might have an interest in not showing anyone one’s property, which is often still inhabited even if it is for sale. By selling unaided, it is therefore possible to skim after the first contact with the potential customer, and establish whether it is considered appropriate to show him the house.