The Importance Of Doing Due Diligence Before Selling Your House

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Selling a house is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. That’s why it’s vital to make sure that you are dealing with an experienced, reputable company. There are many ways to find out whether a company is reputable and how to avoid getting ripped off. One method is to perform proper due diligence before signing any paperwork and making any payments. You can browse here for more info.

Look for licensing

All legitimate estate agents should have a real estate salesperson’s license that has been issued by the governing state real estate organization. Before you contact a company, verify that it is licensed through the National Association of Realtors’ Licensing Service. If it isn’t licensed, don’t deal with it.

Check the agent’s background

Check your agent’s background with previous employers. Make sure that he or she has been in the business for at least two years and ask for references from previous clients. It’s even better if you can contact these previous clients directly to find out about their satisfaction with the real estate agent who will be selling your home.

Get personal referrals

Asking friends and family members for referrals is another good way to find a reputable company. Most real estate agents will provide references for their clients.

Ask about complaints

A lot of complaints are made on a daily basis, but only a small percentage of these make it to the news. Check online with news media to learn what happened in your area recently, or ask your real estate agent if there are any complaints against the company he or she represents.

Find out how long the agent has been in business

This is extremely important. The longer a real estate agent has been in business, the more likely he or she is to represent only reputable companies. This means that your home will most likely be sold at the best price possible with the least amount of headaches.

Ask about commission splits

All legitimate real estate agents will charge you an agreed-upon commission rate for their services.

Ask about insurance and endorsements

All real estate agents should have insurance that covers their client as well as the company they represent. The company’s policy should also include liability coverage. If it doesn’t, look for another agent to represent you.

Check references

If you are planning to buy a home, ask your real estate agent for several references from previous clients he or she has sold properties for in the last year or two.A