The two best times to sell a house are spring and autumn

sell your house

However, other elements come into play such as the city, its geographical position, the number of inhabitants, if it is located in a tourist resort near the sea or in the mountains, etc. Here is the answer from my point of view.

The best time to sell your home is when you don’t need money ; you don’t have immediate financial needs such as paying off some debts from your business, you don’t need to enroll three children in college or study abroad, you don’t have to pay for unexpected health care costs that your savings don’t cover, or you don’t have to make an unexpected expense with five zeros

Put another way: the best time to sell a house is “now”. As I said before, in the spring and fall people feel more inclined to buy a house. News on tax advantages for sellers and buyers also influence decisions, just as news about imminently approved measures can condition the real estate market. Other news or rumors that people hear on television, read on the internet or trade affect the opinions and state of mind of sellers and buyers.

Today we know all too well how the news can change our state of mind and condition us to the point of pushing us to make hasty decisions. Therefore the best time to sell a house is always now , this precise moment when you don’t feel the urgency to sell your property for personal or business reasons.

Cutting ties with emotions, a sense of urgency, anxiety, fear, priorities means being able to decide calmly and wisely, carefully evaluating every alternative, without the worry of “selling out to sell sooner”.

Who Is The Best Buyer For Your Home?

Well, easy: who offers more! Or who asks fewer questions? Perhaps the best buyer is the one who opens his wallet and puts the cash in your hand!

Therefore the best buyer is not the one willing to pay immediately and cash because it is not allowed.

It’s not even someone who blindly trusts and doesn’t inspect the house; after signing the contract it could cause pandemonium for a crack or some other defect that it hasn’t properly checked for. Here I have to open a parenthesis on the works in view of the sale.