comfort form of miniatured bongs

The percolators filter the marijuana smoke so that it enters the water and forms lots of bubbles. This increases the overall surface area of ​​the smoke that comes into contact with the cooling water and therefore the smoke is much softer on the lungs Tokeplanet’s Percolator Bongs.


Ice knuckles are very simple and often appear as little more than indentations at the base of the neck, above the chamber. They allow the ice to rest in the neck, offering a final frosty layer with great cooling power. The downside is that the ice melts pretty quickly and can cause the stem to flood, soaking the contents of the bowl and pouring “delicious” bong water. So keep an eye on the water levels!


Yes. Glass bongs remain the best choice for most marijuana smokers. If kept with care they offer unparalleled softness to the smoke. Not to mention that they are made from the easiest to clean material.

Although they may be a little more delicate than other materials, they are still quite strong and breakages are quite rare. And if you’re planning on lighting with a torch lighter, glass is really the only way to go. With combustible materials this is not possible!

For the best smoke, use glass!

Without a doubt, the bong is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis for recreational purposes. Its small integrated water filtration system makes every shot smoother and creamier. If you do not have big fantasy of stuff gives you cough like shafts, this is the favorable technique for you. But aside from this benefit, using a bong has many other notable benefits. And you may not be fully aware of it.