Asia Pulp and Paper

Uses Of Asia Pulp and Paper In Food Packaging

The use of paper is not limited to writing. The use of paper is made even for packaging. The packaging is used for milk, bakery products, powders, and cards. Paper products are widely used in food packing, including teacups, ice cream cups, pizza boxes, and fast food containers, all made using paper. The thickness of the paper plays a huge role in deciding its use. You can useĀ asia pulp and paper for packaging.

Use of paper in the food industry

An eco-friendly way of food packaging is using paper. Plastic containers were widely used for food packaging, and even now, all packed food uses packaging. This creates great danger for the environment. So, the alternate way is the use of paper packaging.

Paper is biodegradable as well as recyclable. It can be recycled multiple times before declaring it as waste. Asia pulp and paper can provide the best quality paper for packaging. Regular paper can be thin and does not support high temperatures. Hence, the white paper is infused with materials like aluminum for heat tolerance.

Asia Pulp and Paper

Types of paper

  • Virgin paper: The paper undergoes just one processing. It is the only paper that is allowed direct contact with the food.
  • Recycled paper: The paper is a recycled version of virgin paper. The raw material for recycled paper can be recycled pulp of virgin paper and recycled paper.
  • Fine paper: A paper used in printing and writing. The paper has a smooth texture and is white. Hence, writing on it gets easy.
  • Coarse paper: Paper used in packaging. It is unbleached and hence allowed in food packing. As the paper is unbleached, it is strong.

Papers in the food industry

  • Kraft paper: The paper is made using unbleached paper. The paper has a coarse structure and good strength. It is used to carry fruits, vegetables, sugar, etc.
  • The bleached paper: Generally, bleaching uses chemicals to whiten it. But there are ways to bleach it using bio-bleaches. The food types like flour, sugar, and fruits can be carried using this type of paper.
  • Grease paper: The paper is oil resistant and can be used in packaging butter and fatty products. The coating of the paper helps from leaking the butter outside the packet.
  • Vegetable parchment paper: Vegetable parchment paper is oil and grease-resistant. It is used for butter packing and between the slices of pastry.
  • Wax paper: Wax paper helps to protect against liquid and gases. Hence it is used in packing biscuits, sandwiches, and pieces of bread. This also finds its use in fruit and milk distribution.
  • Sulfite paper: Sulphite paper is weak in nature. It works with aluminum to pack bakery products.