Will we need web designers in the future too?

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As a web designer, you surely know the feeling of despondency and helplessness when you come across advertisements like “Your website – create it yourself quickly and for free! Maybe you even asked yourself questions like ” Is my profession on the verge of extinction?” or “Will I be needed in the future?”. I have devoted myself to this topic and today I would like to present my achievements to you natural stone slabs.

Review: Web Design Development

A short trip to the early days of web design helps us hazard a prediction for the future. The profession of “web designer” has not followed a linear path at all. Since the birth of the World Wide Web, around 1991, the technological, pictorial and psychological necessities of the network and its stoners have changed often – and with them the needs of the “website designer” profession.

The demand increases with the mass

Just a few years ago, companies, agencies and freelancers could only distinguish themselves by having a website. Meanwhile, websites have become a standard for anyone who wants to offer their services or share their knowledge and experience. With this change, the role of the web designer has become more and more important and, moreover, divided into new divisions.

What used to be able to do just one person, such as uploading limited formatted text to a web server, is now often done by an entire team. New areas have been added: among others, UX design, frontend and backend development, digital graphic design and, web design. Please note that the responsibilities of the personal faculties strongly rely on the respective firm pattern.

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Due to the constant growth of the web and technological advancement, it has become imperative to make this technology accessible to everyone. Today almost everyone has the opportunity to make themselves visible on the web. The wealth of information has grown so much that more and more we surf the internet with the help of search engines.

Some examples of what is possible to do today in web design:

Embedding animations in web browsers

Create videos, photos, mutable graphics and parallax

Make selected areas accessible to specific target groups

Integrate external content (such as advertising)

Create rich experiences like browser games.